3 Ways to Play Milkchoco with Ease


Firstly, players in Milkchoco feel they can be a real pain because grinding making a full effort and getting bonuses ‘Grinding ‘stands for play something with full effort and taking rewarded some things in the last.

5 Yellow  Stars with 0 EXP

Each and every hero will begin their work with 0 EXP. It doesn’t matter if you use a booster or not every hero will be 40,780 EXP. In details of boosters, there are two types in every game, namely;  EXP booster and another name is a gold booster. The booster can be done the amount double each match.

Let’s Discuss Some Tips to Grinding your hero to 5 stars

1. Benefit with Bots and gain EXP. – If you want to play with bots, you need first of all perfect server and bots always find in less populated serves. Many people live in different areas. When it comes to me, I live in south-east Asia, and I always give preference to play almost 2-3 AM because at that time no one over there.

2.  Kill Devil Map and Other Some Removed – You can join any global server commonly, global 1 is   always around 90+% populated. Your motive only one to kill devil map either you join and leave the match. Devil map takes only less than one minute to complete.

3. Gold Gain For the Match – It doesn’t matter you win or lose the match the only number shown on the top right is how much gold you got for the match. This number also represents EXP how much you gained from winning or losing. Surprisingly, if you got 25 gold for a match, you will get 25 EXP.