Episode Choose Your Story- Best possible detail about resources

The Episode Choose Your Story is useful to avoid stress and utilize the spare time. In it, many types of unique features are available which used to avoid the tiredness. Lots of enjoyable and exciting stories are available in it. All the stories are belonging to unique categories like romantic, action mastery and much more. The game also allows users to make own stories and share with peoples. With the help of stories, you get the rewards which give you happiness.

Necessary recourse-

In the game many recourses are available without them you cannot play the game.  All the resources are used to play the game, and it’s also obtained too hard. Today here we tell about the essential resources in the Episode Choose Your Story.


The currencies are the primary resources to play the game so you must try Episode Hack . You can unlock the lots of stories and things with the help of coins. If you want to buy the resources, then currencies are must require. It’s very hard to obtain, but some ways make it easy. You can earn it via daily rewards and complete the missions or make the stories. Always use it wisely and spend it open useful items.


The dresses are playing an important role to make stories popular. It means if you give a unique look to an avatar in the story then people like to read your stories. As per if you do not give the best look then people not like to read it. So the dresses are the important part to make your story popular and exciting.

Use accessories-

In the game, lots of accessories are available which are used for an avatar. With the help of accessories, you give the different getup to an avatar. These accessories are also used to make enjoyable and unique stories.