Essential Tips For Homescapes

Essential Tips For Homescapes

There are thousands of games in the market; however finding the best one out is quite difficult. Well, a game that I would personally recommend you is – homescapes. It is the game which allowed me to set my gaming experience to whole new heights. The game has been developed by one of the finest developers – Playrix games. The game is denoted under the casual category. Downloading and playing this game is completely free, however, it serves in-app purchases to the players. It even contains ads, which can be restricted by going under the section of restriction menu.

Features introduced in the game

·         The player has the offer of inviting the facebook friends of their by creating a very cozy atmosphere to play.

·         The player is also having a fluffy cat with them which is quite cute and naughty.

·         The mansion on which the person is heading forward to renovate is holding a lot of secrets, which would be revealed with progress.

·         There are a lot of fantastic characters introduced in it, which can be seen live and interacted.

·         The game is having exciting 3 matches level in it; which includes tons of fun, unique boosters and even best combination to clear tiles.

·         The player gets to know more about interior designing as the responsibility of renovating the house is relying on them.

Focus on power-ups

One advice that I would like to give each and every person out there is to focus on power-ups. It is very important to avail the power-ups. There are several types of power-ups and the way to avail any of them is significant. The two most common of them are rocket and bomb. In a manner to avail rocket, the person needs to set combination of four tiles in a single row and column and on another hand bomb can be availed by simply making L shape with help of 5 tiles.

Final words

It is the quick look at the one of most promising game in the market – i.e. homescapes. There are millions of person who are playing this type of game and enjoying the boost in-game experience. In case you are having an android device then you can download it from the play store or else app store is one of the options for you. All you need to do is manage some space in your device, as it is completely free to play and by trying Homescapes Hack.