Homescapes- A Deep Guidance for power-ups!


Are you excited to play Homescapes? Well, millions of games lover willing to play this game so they should first download the game from game stores. After this, they can get started to play and to get the unlimited fun. From the help of its amazing challenges, you can easily give entertainment and enjoyment to yourself. Once you started to play the game after that, you do not leave it for some time because of its amazing features. In it, lots of weekly and daily basic events are present where you can play with worldwide players. You can quickly get it the game will get free of cost on several sites, but some elements are purchasable.

Kinds of Power-up-

Here the company will give many kinds of power-ups which are playing a potential role to boost the performance. You can earn it via making on the tiles board. If you want to get detail about those all power-ups, then check out all impressive detail here.

  • Rocket- Here it is the first kind of boosters which is clear all tiles from row and column. When you join the two tiles in the missions, then you are able to make the rocket power-up.
  • Bomb- When you math the five type of tiles match in ‘”L” shape then you will get bomb. It can be helpful to distort all near tiles. It means if you want to clear all adjacent tiles then you should always try to make bombs.
  • Rainbow Ball- in Homescapes it is also a kind of power-ups which is most helpful to enchase winning chances. As per you connect the five tiles with each other in a row then you will get a chance to make the rainbow ball also by getting Homescapes Hack.

So this complete information is useful know or gets detail about power-ups.