Toon blast Tips for clearing Levels and features for Beginners


It is true that not everyone loves to play puzzle games but after Toon blast released it has been noticed that players loved these kinds of puzzle games. Toon blast is developed by Peak, and after few weeks of release, the game reaches at huge growth as compared to other puzzle games. Tool blast is available in both Android Playstore and iOS Appstore. Graphics of the game is so dynamic and simple.


Tool blast is an easy and enjoyable game. But there are also some complications in completing levels. Collect coins and save your lives are also the main things to remember in the game. With the help of coins, players can purchase lives and many important things. Coins and lives are limited apart from it these resources can be unlimited and can be much useful in gameplay. Players can use Toon blast cheats to unlock unlimited coins and lives.

There are a few more ways to gain lives are given below –

·        Join team

·        Give your teammates lives

·        Use coins

Toon blast is a larger-than-life game and anyone who plays it hooked with the game. When a player first starts the game, they only get five live in the beginning. And as long as you complete all levels without lose many lives, you can reach many levels. Always play with strategy and think next move carefully. With the help of Toon blast cheats, you can get free coins and boosters, and this is how you will reach on high levels and earn more rewards.